I came to Dr. Noonan only knowing that my knee hurt.  He and his staff were very knowledgeable and competent, which mattered most to me. The fact that they also had great bedside manners was the silver lining to the unexpected situation in which I found myself.

Dr. Noonan was able to quickly identify a torn meniscus.  Appointments, an MRI, and surgery were scheduled efficiently. X-rays and blood work were handled right in the office.  He also worked alongside my rheumatologist to make sure my overall wellness improved.

We all have different reasons to want to be in good health.  As a mom, my reason was the five children who were depending on me for their care. Since they are homeschooled, they were often with me in the office and were also treated with kindness. Dr. Noonan and his staff’s expert care helped me to get back on my feet, literally, so we could enjoy life as a family.

“From my first broken hand to my current stress fracture in my foot, Dr. Noonan has taken very good care of all my broken parts. Since I was referred to him in 2015, I have always known I was in good hands in his care. Dr. Noonan is extremely patient and compassionate. He has a scope of knowledge that goes beyond just fixing your bones. Several family members have now become patients of Dr. Noonan and I feel like he and his staff have become a part of my family too. I am grateful for the referral I received to see Dr. Noonan and will continue to pay it forward by recommending him to others.”

– Kimberly Hall

“I found Dr. Noonan when I was delivering mail to his office. So when the tendonitis in my elbow wouldn’t go away I went to him to see if he could help. I thought it would be a simple fix, but with the help of Dr. Noonan and his staff we figured out that I had a torn tendon and needed surgery. When Dr. Noonan was repairing my tendon he also found an “impressive” bone spur that he removed. Since then he has helped me when I fractured that same elbow on the job. He also performed a carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist, as well as numerous shots for various different things over the years. I have recommended him to many of my friends and have also taken my son to see him when he hurt his knee. Dr. Noonan has helped me to stay healthy so I can continue working and be able to retire in a few years. The best doctor ever in my opinion.”

– Arlene Love

Dr. Timothy Noonan and his staff are by far the most professional and caring staff I have ever been involved with.  Dr. Noonan has performed a few surgeries on me from bicep tendon rupture(s); yes I said ruptures to micro fracture knee surgeries and ankle tendon repair.  To recap, I ruptured both bicep tendons in each arm within a month of each other and Dr. Noonan was right there to quickly and skillfully repair both of them.  Prior to these injuries, I had a rupture in my right brevis tendon in the right ankle. This one was in my opinion a real challenge. Dr. Noonan had to repair this tendon that was badly ruptured.  His quick thinking in surgery due to the tendon not being able to be reconnected to itself, was amazing. He repaired this tendon with no problem while still giving me its full function.  Dr. Noonan has also performed micro fracture surgery on my right left knee in 2014 and most recently in July 2017(I’m currently still in the 6 week recovery time).  Thru all these procedures I have received a call from not only his staff but Dr. Noonan himself making sure things were good.  Since my surgeries I have been able to get back to my life.  I’ve been able to hold my 4 year old, throw the baseball around with him, coach his little league team, function normally around the house and help my awesome wife who has gone thru 5 surgeries in the past 3 years.  I feel great and I stand by Dr. Noonan and what he has done for me.  I use to live 5 miles or so from his office, I now live over 50 miles away and refuse to look for an Orthopedic near where I live now.  Thank You Dr. Noonan for all you have done.